The Harmony of Isis

The Harmony of Isis by Catherine M Walter is a novel released earlier this year which may be of interest.

Catherine M Walter The Harmony of Isis

“While navigating complications in her love life, Maggie finds a curious pendant. She researches the symbols carved into it and uncovers a key to the connections between the foundations of the Freemasonry, the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, and the rural landscape of her mystical college town, Shining Valley. Located in a beautiful region that was settled and developed by Masonic Brothers, the countryside is filled with clues hiding in plain sight, accessible to any with the knowledge to follow them. Maggie’s visit there pulls her into an adventure thousands of years in the making as Isis searches for Osiris, weaving a thread of love through the center of time, and redefining everything Maggie ever thought she knew about life. Written by an anthropologist, The Harmony of Isis connects several memorable places on earth with a multi-layered approach that answers some of the most puzzling questions ever posed.” [via]

“A blend of ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, love and history, many obscure layers in the book will only be seen by those with prior knowledge of things esoteric and rare.” — Catherine M Walter via email


You might check out her book announcement video, and then check out the other videos from the Giza plateau in her channel.