Lon Milo DuQuette live show online Nov 10th, 2013 at 8pm Pacific

You might be interested in Lon Milo Duquette’s “Worldwide CD Release Celebration” which is a 30 minute live concert online on Sunday, November 10th, at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern.

“Many of you mentioned you were disappointed you could not attend the Halloween show at Peet’s in Costa Mesa because of competing events or your (distant) location. We did some Googling on ways we could do shows over the Internet and we’re trying out a new service called ‘Stage-IT.’ Stage-IT will webcast Lon’s performance over the Internet, so, anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection can watch, live.

We’ve scheduled a 30 minute show for NEXT SUNDAY, November 10th at 8pm Pacific Time. (11pm Eastern Time.)

Stage-It doesn’t cost Lon anything and we can set the ticket prices to whatever we want (we’ve set the first ten as ‘Pay What You Can’ — which can be as little as ONE CENT!)

It’s the first time we’ve tried this, so, if you’d like to be part of our experiment, you can join the party by clicking here.

You have to get a ticket, even if you only pay a penny, ahead of time to see the show.

This should be a lot of fun — you can make requests, you can tip(!) and we’re going to do some CD giveaways during the show.” — Ninety Three Records email