My Hands Were Clean

My Hands Were Clean by Tom Bradley, a 2010 paperback from Unlikely Stories, bound together with Dr. Gonzo by Deb Hoag, is part of the collection at the Reading Room courtesy of the publisher.

Tom Bradley My Hands Were Clean from Unlikely Stories

My Hands Were Clean tells Tom Bradley’s teenaged story of working as a musician for pseudo-Mormon polygamists who conducted Aleister Crowley-style sex magick rituals under their place of business. It features cover art by Justin Aerni”


Deb Hoag Dr Gonzo from Unlikely Stories

Dr. Gonzo: A series of loosely related essays on equality, visibility, and modern mental health, or, How the Mental Health System Drove Me Crazy details Dr. Hoag’s efforts to provide effective psychotherapy in a nation of apathetic lawmakers and actively hostile insurance companies. Check out the cover art by Gabriel Vrooman”


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