Mask of Winter


Mask of Winter

The Howling Larsons is a new project from R Loftiss (The Gray Field Recordings, AntiClock Records) & Alan Trench (Temple Music, Orchis, Twelve Thousand Days).

Building on the esoteric acousmatic experimentalism of The Gray Field Recordings and the psych/drone hermetic aesthetic of Temple Music, The Howling Larsons play nouveau occult psychedelia full of twists and whispers, a many layered mycelium of psilocybic delights; sometimes acoustic, sometimes full of electronic sideways glances, and always entrancing.

Their debut album, Fool Of Sound And Furry, has just been released on Reverb Worship. Underground Greek psych mag Wild Things said the album was: “enigmatic but very beautiful … among folk countryside walks, spooky stories, Sufi poetry, magic flight, all in a bright kaleidoscope of mystery but (containing) the house of candy built by the wicked witch in the countryside as a trap for unsuspecting children … There is some connective tissue and an inner logic that simply must be investigated and deciphered … However, if you do not bother much to solve puzzles, the disc for you can be just a magical experience …”

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