Swordships of Scorpio

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews Swordships of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers, book 4 of the Dray Prescot series.

Alan Burt Akers Swordships of Scorpio

This book shows some slight signs of improvement over its predecessors. It is the fourth of the initial cycle of five, in the dozens of Dray Prescott sword-and-planet books. Many otherworldly swashes are buckled in this one, but it seems that towards the end of it the narrative starts to acquire a wry sense of humor, striking off in a direction that just barely reminded me—however faintly—of James Branch Cabell.

Early on, the author provides a stunning discontinuity, where he inserts his protagonist into a desperate cliffhanger of a situation, and then simply jumps forward to a point well after its unexplained resolution, chalking up the lacuna to a gap in the audio tapes which were his supposed source material! This lackadaisical approach to yarn-spinning is why I’m not pursuing these books with much zeal, and I lack confidence that the next book (ending the “Delian Cycle”) will even arrive at a satisfactory climax. [via]


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