LEGO Photosynthesis Remix

LEGO Photosynthesis Remix” is a track added by rfcl (aka Radio Free Clear Light) in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“I still wonder
how he might have perceived the world differently
if God were not dead to his whole generation.

Before we met he wrote a song describing eternity.
“I teach you the complex mechanism,” he sang.
It triggered a very strange cellular activity
at all of my genetic levels.

It was a mental leap so stunningly complex
that it allowed me to understand
the fluid nature of all mental categories.
I became operational as an intelligent LEGO machine,
aware of my own skeletal essence.

It was the end of all long-established standards of morality and of purpose.
How this could be triggered from a song is completely unknown.
But that’s what it means to understand.

Indifferent to time and other disturbances,
I lived in stillness,
maintained in perfect stasis
through the efficient mechanisms of a secret LEGO photosynthesis.
Of course there was nothing to be surprised about.
We must have known this all along.

I have never been clear on
whether he was the one who died that afternoon,
or whether it was me.
We were simultaneously faced
with an indefinite number of overlapping and intermingling situations.
Together we faced up to the possible emergence of a dark nihilistic situation.

But all beings so far have created something beyond themselves
and this happens concurrently
in many different regions of perception.

This phenomenon of multiplicity
is the core of LEGO intelligence.
The something that happens I call time.
The multiple core is the fundamental mechanism of thought.

I continue to interact with LEGO culture,
which I now associate with the possibility
of the future complex mechanism.

“Cognition is recognition,” he sang.
That could have been the difference between life and death.
Behind his apparent nonchalance
was hidden the entire mystery of the LEGO mind.”


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