Subscription access to Red Wheel / Weiser’s ebook catalog

Apparently Red Wheel / Weiser has been busy uploading a rather extensive collection of ebooks to the online site Scribd, and now offers subscription access to the whole lot, not just item by item. Also, currently there’s on offer a 3 month free trial, normally a 1 month trial, for the holidays to try out the Scribd subscription service (normally priced at $8.99/month) which you can take advantage of by using a promo code “RWWDEC90” Red Wheel / Weiser sent out via email. Also, in other news, apparently Scribd went legit while I wasn’t looking.

“Book lovers know that one book is just not enough. So why not make available more than 1,100 of our ebooks…


Just in time for the holidays, we are excited to announce a 90-day gift subscription to With a Scribd subscription, you will have access to the world’s largest digital library of ebooks, including all our bestsellers and current titles.

Click here to take advantage of this special offer.”