THE VOID (audiovisual installation) from TUNDRA on Vimeo.


THE VOID is a video from TUNDRA, and art collective in Saint-Petersburg Russia, added by VJ PsyScottic.


Panoramic interactive projection, 4.0 surround sound
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Loft Project Etagi gallery
May, 2013

‘You are standing in an empty room. There are no chairs and tables. They were there, but they took them away. There are no monsters from your bad dreams, although, they never were there. You are standing in an empty room, made of little pieces of stardust that carry the emptiness between them. And while breathing in and out, you feel the movement of the emptiness inside you and that the emptiness is you. At this moment you see that the only things which are absent in the room are the impossible ways of existence.’

Audiovisual installation ‘Void’ is an attempt to visualize the idea of emptiness.

Emptiness here is regarded not as an absence of everything, but as an initial state when anything can appear. To see how dark room turns into the Big Bang epicenter a visitor should become ’empty’. Every move and sound, captured by sensitive equipment, stops the 360 degrees audiovisual flow around.

‘Void’ is a social experiment, to see how long today people can stay totally calm.”


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