He Who Has Horns

He Who Has Horns” is a track added by Doesin in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“I am the one that came before
I am the dweller at the door
I am the door, I am the key
I am the serpent on the tree
I am the bull, I am the ram
I am Amun and I am Pan
I destroy what I create
And as I give, so I will take

I am hoof and claw and horn
I cannot die, I was not born

Om Mahakala Kala Bikala Ratrita Dombini Candali Rakshisi Singhali Devibhyo Hung Phet

The up and the down and the left and the right
The sun and the moon and the day and the night
The yin and the yang and the black and the white
I am the one that has brought you the light”


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