White Magic Remix

White Magic Remix” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“She was the Root and the Offspring of an ancient King.
She would one day become the bright Morning Star.

‘Before the fire, we were just sitting around
but a certain resonance altered our angular momentum
and this flame we found still burning by the morning.’

She would come back from death’s domain
and shed her blinding light upon the earth.

Between the formation of the disk
and the accumulation of the Morning star
she was cast out of heaven.

‘We will wait for the next fire to step outside.
We may be able to do something with it.’

The ancient queen strove to be higher than the supreme
by riding on the wings of an eagle.
She craved to be the center of the stage,
the one recipient of the fire.

She homogenized the composition of the disk
before the Morning star was fully formed.
‘When a queen becomes a star
her greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.’

She was thrown down to the earth,
and her angels were thrown down with her
where they would work in fluid shadow teams.

She invoked a secret process after the impact.
‘Queens never die,’ she said,
‘They just burn forever.'”