Hero Of The People Remix

Hero Of The People Remix” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“Suddenly, the messages jumped up a gear.
It was exhilarating.
They were suddenly aware of how much effort must have gone into their creation.

Here was a kind of collective raw ecstasy
and the primary fuel was their appetite for knowledge
expressed by them through a question or a doubt.

The people chanted for their conquering hero,
who was them and more than them,
and the questions themselves mutated in several different directions
giving relevant answer to their doubt
even when they did not speak anything directly about the nature of the Hero.

For a fleeting moment they could see
a huge vision of the Hero everywhere around them
and this confirmed that they were on the right path.
The Hero clearly had miraculous power
and thousands of followers joined the hunt.

Pictures of the Hero insect became a common motif
scrawled as graffiti all over the world.
If the quest had not been true
this knowledge would not have been received.

They would eventually find him standing above the tallest pyramid
where the first message was thought to have appeared.
He had an obsidian knife on one hand
and a beating heart on the other.
He was an instrument to save them
a living book of the dead programmed to erase itself after being read only once.

The people offered their attention in unison.
They pooled their collective intelligence
in this one brief moment
and the ancient city rose once again
from the dark depths of forgetfulness.

He spoke only when the vibrant doubt reached the necessity of knowledge.
Then, and only then, did they understand the wisdom
carefully engraved in the scattered tombstones of Coca Cola billboards
and McDonalds signs.

This was the message
and the knowledge pertained to the world and to the Hero himself.
It was thrilling, breathtaking, awe inspiring.
And the shared feeling of discovery was immense.

Before they knew it, it was over
just when it was all starting to fit together.
Soon the search would begin once again.”