Summary of the week ending Jan 11th, 2014

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending January 11th, 2014.


Unicursal LOVE AND LET LOVE Poster

This Unicursal LOVE AND LET LOVE Poster is another piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII combined with a quote from Aleister Crowley’s The Heart of the Master.


I recently announced Magick, Music and Ritual 10 as the Winter 2014 album from the Anthology Project and posted a call for submissions on Dec 15th, 2013. Regrettably, I have decided to indefinitely postpone that issue. There will be no quarterly releases from the project in 2014. If there’s interest, I may try for a single anthology release in 2014, moving to an annual release schedule, and hope the project is able to continue in that fashion. If there’s not sufficient interest in participating in the creation of an annual anthology this year, then the project will end.

So, if you’ve enjoyed these anthology albums as much as I have, then check out all the previously released anthology albums, consider participating when the next call for submissions is posted, and let people you know, who may be interested in these albums, know about the project.

If you really want to let me know that you want to project to continue, consider picking up the digital download of one or more of these anthology albums; or grab the special offer on the complete 2011-2013 collection which includes all 9 released anthology albums.


In addition to the Hermetic Library itself, do consider checking out the many ways you can participate in the work of the library, and ways you can become a supporter. Becoming a supporter, with either a one-time or recurring donation, will help the library pay hosting costs necessary to stay online, expand the collection, and develop other projects such as perhaps an actual Reading Room. In addition to feeling good about helping the library, becoming a supporter means you will be included in things such as occasional unannounced Postal Potlatch mailings as well as other occasional fun such as receiving gratis download codes for each new Hermetic Library Album and more!


You may also be interested in the other blogs in the Hrmtc Underground network, including Iconomancy, Pilgrimage to Far-Distant Countries, Thelema and the Libri of Aleister Crowley, and De Profundis.

Other things you may wish to gander at are the opportunity to help create shared wisdom about the materials collected at the library at the Hermeneuticon Wiki and the web hosting services offered by the Hermetic Library at Hermetic Hosting.


Here is a summary of Hermetic Library blog posts:

Reading Room

The Number of the Beast and the House of Yeshua, a monograph by Walter C Cambra
Light by M John Harrision, reviewed by T Polyphilus
Wand, Summer 2013 ev, An IVxxi from Coph Nia
Freakangels, Vol 6 by Warren Ellis & al., reviewed by T Polyphilus
Doctor Mirabilis by James Blish, reviewed by T Polyphilus

Anthology Project

Postal Potlatch

Visual Pool

Five Points by Marjan Ŝetar
A section of the bookshelf of Leo Noir the alchemist by Otto Magus

Audio Pool

Under The Radar by 180° Mason
Unconstraint by Monk Zylo
It’s All So Strange by Monk Zylo
Hero Of The People Remix by rfcl
Sunlit Sweetness Of Her Secrecies by Anantakara and Mukti
A Dream Of Someplace Else Pt 2 by i AM esper
Forgot To Live by Al Fontana 1

Video Pool

Jurassic Groove from Fabrica

Arts and Letters Pool

Goods and Services

Dionysos: Exciter to Frenzy by Vikki Bramshaw, from Avalonia UK
The Book of Going Back by Night by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, including commentary by Nema
Worlds by Ian Andersen / Citric Comic
The Golden Dawn System of Initiation with M Osiris Snuffin in Seattle on Jan 30th, 2014


The Magic Bishop, an essay about Hugo Ball by Anne Crossey
My Infernal Pact by Lon Milo DuQuette and friends
Put a Satanic Monument at OK Capitol, a crowdfunding effort
Aleister Crowley’s The Rite of Mars, a rock opera, a crowfunding effort
Welcome to Munchen, Minnesota, something something supernatural fiction set to debut in April 2014
Final Graven Kiss, official SickTanicK music video
Recent post on Reflections From The Black Stone talks about stumbling across all the anthology albums
Charisma & Magic, podcast episode with Craig Berry interview about Aleister Crowley
Artemisia March, music from Eleusyve Production’s Rite of Mars
Invocation of the Androgynous Muse from Chemical Marriage
Aepril Schaile: EEMED 2008, a video of ritual dance performance
Ancients, a video by Nicholas Buer with music by Shudan
Successful appeal to help Aaron Leitch

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