The Pleasure Quest of the R.S.P.

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews The Pleasure Quest of the R.S.P. by Peter Quimme.

Peter Quimme The Pleasure Quest of the R S P

The suspicious name of this author may be a nom de plume, but it also appeared on his gastronomical studies. As far as my research has been able to sound, this 1974 first novel was also his last. That’s a disappointment, because I enjoyed it thoroughly. Part I is principally a fictional symposium of competitive erotic storytelling, along with the necessary scene-setting and character definition to ground Part II, which is a spectacular farce culminating in a baroque sexual orgy that brings the titular Royal Society of Pornographers together with a small and eclectic free-love cult.

The characters, while sometimes pandering to stereotypes, are all vividly and entertainingly drawn. There are a few brief passages of verse, some of which is poetically admirable, and some of which is simply hilarious. The pacing holds up well throughout. I would only be too pleased to read another book on these lines, but I fear this one is unique. [via]