The Newly-Made Mason

The Newly-Made Mason: What He and Every Mason Should Know About Masonry by H L Haywood, a 1973 hardcover published by Macoy Publishing and Masonic Suppy Co., is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

H L Haywood The Newly- Made Mason from Macoy

“The Newly Made Mason usually craves to know what it is all about:—what it all means. We have long felt that there should be made available for him a single book—readable—concise, comprehensive. This is just such a book; it covers briefly but adequately the origin, history, philosophy, symbolism, organization and operation of the Order. It answers all his ordinary questions. His lodge, itself, or his relatives, friends and business associates should present it to him at his raising and start him off right.

Some knowledge of the laws and customs of the Middle Ages is an absolute essential to a clear understanding of present day Masonry. We know of no one better informed or more able to furnish this blackground than Brother H. L. Haywood, the author of this book. He spent his lifetime in the study of Masonic and Medieval history and wrote many authoritative and interesting books on these subjects. In this book he ably and interestingly presents the generally accepted conclusions of modern Masonic Scholarship. He also advances and strongly defends some theories and ideas essentially his own. These are based on his wide and general knowledge of the Craft.” — dust copy