The Ritual and The Object

The Ritual and The Object” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“A fragment from Joyful Noise October 10 2013

Max Abelev – laptop
Colin Hamilton – violin and voice
Lydia Harari – vocals, noisemakers
Etanna Sack – vocals, noisemakers
Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron – laptop, keyboard, electronics, mixing, deconstructing

* * *

The Ritual was the world’s oldest process,
a focusing lens designed to mark and reveal significance.
All kinds of wondrous forms
were able to self-replicate and perpetuate
through its intricate temporal body.

At some point the Ritual hit a mysterious roadblock
in its infinite quest for meaning and significance.
The micro-macro consonances
between the subatomic and the supergalactic realms
were so mysterious, that this block came to be known only as “the Object,”
a bottomless abyss of uncertainty.

The Spoken Word of The Object
forced the Ritual to ground to a halt.
But any authentic attempt to grapple
with the question of The Object was also necessarily a process,
existing in a state of liminality.

“It is something unknown,” said the agents of meaning,
“but nothing is accidental.
The fractal nature of the holographic universe
is intrinsically connected to the question of the Object’s existence.
We must pay attention to signs, omens, auditory, visual and perceptual clues.”

Some believed that the process might even be interfering with itself.
This theory yielded an endless quantity of new procedures.
The agents explored hidden geometries, complex architecture, and ingenious mechanisms.
All of it was recorded in the form of ephemeral artifacts.
The investigations took on many new meanings.

The agents found an accumulated insight in the crude ore of inherited beliefs.
The ordinary became significant
even when the Ritual had somehow collapsed like some strange, ingested tumor,
it continued functioning in a state of in-between.

After spending time in a silent chamber on their way back up to language,
the agents postulated a place where the veil between humans and the transcendent became thin.
“The essential architecture of a single atom is echoed in that of the Ritual.
Through subtle alterations of the chromosomal data banks,
we have found that The Object embodies the entire spectrum of possibilities
and is therefore beyond categorization and classification.”

They persisted in deconstructing the unquestioned assumptions of conceptual semantics,
but the interlocking biochemistries and interwoven electromagnetic patterns of the ongoing Ritual
were neither here nor there.
Nobody was ever able to come up with a definition of The Object
but we remain open to the possibility.”