The Pleasure Quest of the R.S.P.

The Pleasure Quest of the R.S.P. by Peter Quimme, a 1974 trade paperback with a cover price of $1.50 from Dell, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Peter Quimme The Pleasure- Quest of the R. S. P.

I will claim this brand new acquisition for the Reading Room was made entirely based on the previously posted review by Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus … but, the cover is pretty awesome as well.

“What were a group of the world’s most expert amorous gentlemen, the ever-ready members of a youthful erotic love cult, a voluptuous female sex researcher and her all-very-male staff, an I-am-curious U.S. Senator and a girl Friday with all the answers, a talented gorilla and a French chambermaid doing at an orgy?” — back cover

“An Invitation You Can’t Turn Down R.S. xx P.

Could the truth be wilder than fiction? This was the question that stirred the distinguished members of the R.S.P. (Royal Society of P–rn–gr–ph–rs) to rise to their greatest challenge. For years they had produced under-the-counter masterpieces for an adoring public—works written with list and x’s, never failing to arouse a most gratifying response.

But now the time had come to turn from their pens to more potent instruments of pleasure—to turn, in short, from fantasy to flesh.

And their invitations went out to a most extraordinary variety of people to join them in a most unusual part.

Needless to say, everyone came…” — front matter