Red Light

Red Light” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

“She didn’t seem to remember
the ghostly whispers of evolution
or the radioactive transformations
under the application of the burning red light.
The vials of precious blood
were an essential part of the trial
but she was unclear on their function.
If she thought about it too much,
she risked getting entangled
in questions regarding source,
authority, who, what, where.

All she knew was that
someone had to be used as a catalyst.
They had tested the applications of morphogenic DNA
in microbiology and applied physics.
This was the historical basis
for the acceptable Systems of the Trial.
All she knew was that
she would soon be launched into space
on hurtling blocks of ice and dust.

Her appetites had changed
and her appearance was severely modified.
Coinciding with this transformation an unusual event had occurred.
Even though they made passing hints
as to certain aspects of the trial’s history,
they had not mentioned the launch of a previous pod
piloted by a participant named L.

L. was unprepared in her essence for the older, proven trial.
She was unable to navigate a soft landing
and she flew straight into the red vortex.
For them, it was all a game of marbles
played with cosmic detritus.

Her transformed condition
now made her the prime candidate for a rescue mission.
Within days she would be sent to retrieve L.
She would intercept her and negotiate on her behalf
with the intelligence that was suspected to exist
within the twirling folds of the red substance.

She didn’t know everything.
But neither did they.
What was once true would soon be false
what would soon be true
was covered in red,
as red as the light.
And she would be the one to bring it forth.
Whether they liked it or not.”