Dream Of The Ocean

Dream Of The Ocean” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

“All was the Ocean.
And the Ocean manifested itself in our various forms.
We were a dream within a dream.

Much like grains of sand on miles of shore
we came from the deep, forgotten places.
And the grinding waves scattered us
until there appeared to be
only a powdery field of uniform color.

We were a dream of the Darkness.
We were a thousand blinks in the night.
A thousand bells ringing for the moon.
And the center of the Darkness
was nowhere and everywhere.

We told ourselves
that there was significance to our existence.
We found answers in the light of the stars.
Each of us imagined that the Ocean knew us.
Each of us imagined.

But the caves had not been swallowed by the ocean,
they had only been buried in our sand.
They had been with us then and now
and always.

This was a journey of the Ocean
passing through many lives.
We were a dream within a dream.
The endless dream of the Ocean.”