Inside The Shadow Networks

Inside The Shadow Networks” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

A controversial theory claims
that the nmari are derived
from a deeper level of reality
than our own.
The theory suggests that the shadows waves
were also derived from these deeper level vibrations.
The shadows were once considered too warm, wet, and noisy
for delicate nmari processes.
But evidence has now shown
a warm nmari coherence
in the hidden process of transformation.

“The lives of the nmari were once hidden from us.”
said Dr. J. during a recent lecture.
“Though they lived beside us,
they operated through finer scale activities
inside the shadow networks.
Underfoot or under bed,
behind a bit of curtain,
in the back corner of a bathroom.
In the tiny gaps,
this is where nmari vibrational computations were orchestrated.
We are now able to connect the shadows processes
to fundamental self-organizing processes in the finer scale.”

The nmari are now considered a feature unique to the shadow structure.
“The origin of the nmari reflects our place in the universe.
But did the nmari evolve from complex computations among the shadows?
Or have the nmari been here all along?”

Dr. J continues:
“Once we rarely noticed them,
but when we did,
it evoked a sense of trauma
that might leave one rocking or screaming and crying.
A general disorientation,
a sense of being lost.”

Bu it is now clearly established
that being disconnected from reality
is not a nmaric trait.
It is rather a human reaction
to the confrontation with the shadow processes.
Towards the end of his lecture
Dr. J. suggested countering the disoriented condition
by writing a message on the corner of a mirror reading:
“I shall dare to confront the site of my truth.”