Subjective Expansion

Subjective Expansion” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

When the quantum information
that inhabited our nervous system
dissipated into the ocean
we came to exist
outside of the physical egg
on some other level of reality.

Through what we called
the principle of correspondence
our information was released from the egg,
an orchestrated subjective expansion.

We had once examined
the properties of a single drop of water,
we would now understand
those of the vast ocean it came from.

It was a black egg,
that which eventually hatched to give birth to the ocean.
The egg was composed of particles that encapsulated us.
We made up 90 percent of the matter in our ocean.
If the egg was composed of particles,
then our ocean was composed of solar systems.

We may have existed since the beginning of time.
We simply don’t know when we started.
The black egg was a reflection of the ocean
so our quantum information couldn’t be destroyed.

There was abundance of oceans
where our vessel could migrate.
But did the vessel exist?
No longer were we simply part of the ocean.
We had become an ocean in our own right.

Our vessels were in fact constructed
from the very fabric of the oceans
and our quantum information
could now exist outside the egg.

As vessels
we existed perhaps
but only in another ocean.