The Heart of Every Avalanche

The Heart of Every Avalanche” is a collaboration with Dave Migman added by Audiothrillseeker in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

The Heart Of Every Avalanche

to me that was whispered
with cacaphonic brevity
like the heart of an avalanche
that scored me in three
What was it? for it did not
it passed through my hollow bones
dripped like wax
from thought
to poisoned thought

this unreason
this mirage
this illusion
the serpent
wore a mask of you

in a golden moment poised
a glance
now stolen

I will weave you some kind of spell
flare into your righteous
annihilation face
your pain
will endure

I am going
I am nearly

I am learning
to unlearn
the ball of thoughts
each simple thread
yearns to become
complex structures

gone now

a part destination
an incomplete plan

I am drawing it deep
your face
is fading
still, burning

so, from now on
there will be only
a series of lovers
whose hearts join
in temporal unison
sing our gasping songs
through nights of discovery

And so, as she returned
to my bed
and in that tender spoon
her kisses came
and I knew
there would be others
for both
and though we might part
to converge again
some point,
down the line