Green Lights

Green Lights” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

The dream had been unraveling for some time.
But the director persisted in an attempt at organization and presentation.
“Given the prevalence of lucidity
among dreamers in cultures with ancient roots,
under the right circumstances
this sensory overload will result
in a kind of expanded introspection.”
Such open statements were common in those days.

Our main objective was to focus on the animus.
Our planned work would continue until just before midnight.
After midnight the green lights would show up.
We all saw them.
All of us except for the director.
The world turned black. We turned gray.
There was a distinct warping of perception.

The director has said in recent public interviews:
“I don’t buy into the extraterrestrial hypothesis
that the clown is largely wedded to.
Our subjects may have experienced flashing green lights
but no conclusion can be derived from these experiences.
These are auditory and visual hallucinations.”

In private, his voice would turn gentle, less conclusive:
“The one thing I will always take away
from these strange events
is a sense of irreversible ontological shock.”

There were certain elements among us,
the clown for example,
who were in favor of the chaos lucidity might provoke.
It was this reckless attitude
that earned him this name we gave him.

The director was the public face of the movement
and yet initially he had only a sequence of secondary experiences.
The clown originally had many of the same laments.
He longed for an encounter.
He wanted to be visited.
We all did.
This yearning was much better understood
by those who had actually experienced lucidity.

By experimenting with things
like astral projection and sex magick
the clown eventually lost the ability
to perceive the universe
in the western materialistic manner
ever again.

This is what we can now say to the world:
Our senses were introduced to new experiences.
Strange three dimensional living entities appeared before us,
accompanied by green lights, bright flashes and strange vocalizations.
We now don’t truly believe in other dimensions,
parallel worlds inhabited by conscious entities unbound by time.
We also don’t believe
in anything else.