Black Magik Remix

Black Magik Remix” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

M. was a practitioner of black magik,
a voyager of the shadows of the landscape
beyond reason, beyond logos,
beyond order, beyond harmony.

M. discovered that strict rationality and magik did not go together.
There were certain spaces that were clearly there
but we could not see them eye to eye.

M. revived the sexual vibrations in all the hidden centers of our bodies.
He would frequently take blood and urine samples from the group in those days.
Sometimes the group was strongly affected.
Some of them cried and felt suicidal.
I feared loosing my memory.

Above all, M. was cunning.
One night he approached me and said:
“The Governor is now in my power.
There are payments to be made.
They have not paid me what they owe me.”

He led me to the basement.
There I found myself face to face with the Governor.
M., standing next to me, spoke to him in a loud firm voice:
“All my life you have pressured me and offended me.
Give your place to me now, Governor.”
What happened next was inevitable.

M. reasoned that once the Governor was dead,
it followed that any ultimate purpose was out of the question.
We had become the dissonant note in music,
a hidden part of the governing principle of the universe.

In later writings, he proclaimed the rejection of all morals.
As a magician who had cunning, he could do both white and black invocations.
“Do what you will, that is the complete set of rules for the game.”

The latter events were a clear response to what he had left untouched.
From him, I had learned that magik was transrational.
A substance could be ingested which would furnish help for such irrational invocations.
Through such experiments, I learned to inhabit the silent spaces between sounds.

“After a certain age this effort would become very difficult, often impossible.”
I said to him.
“We would much rather become a natural contrast to those things that are illuminated.”
He understood immediately.
“This not my will, but yours.”
I said to him as I performed the old ritual.
“And it will be done.”

In the end, this is why there would always be two magiks.
“Black magik is cunning, you understand the difference?” he asked me once.
Our magikal practice used power as currency.
Only we couldn’t be impartial and fulfill our obligations to the Governor.
What happened next was inevitable.