Drop By Drop

Drop By Drop” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

They asked what I wanted.
I had been waiting for decades.
Time, I said.
Three days. Two nights.
No texts. No calls. Not one word.

I would leave early in the morning
in the direction of the beach.
I wanted the white fluff
that cannot be captured.

I would visit the massive secret graveyard.
I would get hair, including roots,
a tooth, a skull bone, some skin.

The spots on the lake
I would take drop by drop
to the ocean,
far to the west.

I had a plan.
It dated back three thousand years.

The feathers
I had sewn together
by applying force
over a long period of time.
So that I might
dance on the water.

The cause is a mystery
The hours would not be long enough.
The final destination could not be found
anywhere in this world.

I could taste the dew
far in the distance.
Whenever it happens.
Whenever it would happen.

I left for three days
to the south coast.
Everything else was done.
Anything else
would have to wait.