Crystalline Distance Remix

Crystalline Distance Remix” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

Due to the universal law of gravity
I was born as one of the tiny people.
I had been oppressed
by these governing physics
through the course of my whole life.

In a secret hut specially constructed for this purpose
I transformed myself slowly into a wraith.
I had secretly found the precise breaking point
between alchemy and chemistry.
Most parts of me became invisible.

Following a twisted theological, metaphysical ideal,
I wore a tattered black hooded cape.
If I could have unraveled the inner secrets of my purpose,
this would have brought me closer
to some kind of understanding.

As time passed, my black cape seemed to become empty.
If anyone peered inside
I was certain there would be nothing to see.
I feared a certain knowledge had become lost.
My craft could have become crippled
if certain minimum physical molecules could not survive.

Despite all concerns,
I flew easily over the land,
discovering the regions I had never seen when I was small.
I didn’t know yet what areas of the planet
were suitable for my new kind of life.

I found the hanged man dangling from a tree
like a strange magical ornament.
It was one of the worst visions
that had ever crossed my path.

At this point the hanged man and me
were clearly two aspects of a single complex.
But from a distance all things were toys,
small gadgets for me to play with.

I came to the conclusion
that the distance to the hanged man
was around 12 light-years.
This would simplify follow-up missions.