London’s Mystical Legacy

London’s Mystical Legacy by Toyne Newton and Jonathan Tapsell, from Salamander and Sons, apparently scheduled to be available in Aug 2012, but still in pre-order, will be available from Weiser Antiquarian, may be of interest.

Update 1jan2016: Jon Tapsell wrote to say London’s Mystical Legacy was actually published by Brutus Media. So, I’ve removed the old links in this post in favour of the new on in this update.

Toyne Newton Jonathan Tapsell London's Mystical Legacy from Salamander and Sons

“London’s Mystical Legacy unmasks London’s true founder and spiritual father as Brutus of Troy. Toyne Newton and Jonathan Tapsell trace Brutus’ pagan lineage from its beginnings in Ancient Troy to its emergence in what became the City of London, and the pertinence of this lineage to the Crown. This controversial book looks at London’s lost symbol, the Dragon. Often considered the thirteenth astrological sign, the Dragon is also depicted as the Red Serpent, symbolic of the bloodline of Cain progressing from Near Eastern Lands via the Mediterranean to present day London and the City Banking Cartel.

London’s Mystical Legacy looks beneath the veneer of many London traditions including Gog and Magog, the siting of Parliament, the symbols of the Exchequer, the City Livery companies, the Knights of the Garter, and the mysterious Committee of 300, and demonstrates how all are being controlled by the Crown based in the Square Mile — quite distinct and far more powerful than any monarch, President or government.

London’s Mystical Legacy rediscovers how the City of London was geomantically aligned since Pagan times upon Brutus’ temples, and whose secret knowledge was resurrected by Wren. Newton and Tapsell show how all English law is based upon the Malmutius Code — itself a remnant of Brutus’ edicts — and explain the origin of the Law of Sanctuary and why the London Stone (or Brutus Stone) is so important to the capital’s destiny.

Many famous characters are seen here in a new light: Shakespeare, Bacon, Dee, Wren, Blake, Churchill, Crowley, kings and queens, but perhaps most sensational of all, Louis Lord Mountbatten’s apparent connection to the powerful spell to repel Hitler: a wartime occult ritual enacted by a group of hereditary witches using an ancient rite.

London’s Mystical Legacy brings together much hitherto unknown knowledge and established tradition to present a bold new unorthodox history which explains why London — the City of Brutus — is central to world events.”