The Mason’s Pledge

Brother, harken, while I tell you

What we Masons pledge to do,

When, prepared at yonder altar,

We assumed the Mason’s vow!

Foot and knee, breast, hand and cheek—

Harken while I make them speak!


Foot to foot, on mercy’s errand,

When we hear a brother’s cry,

Hungry, thirsty, barefoot, naked,

With God’s mercy let us fly.

This of all our thoughts the chief,

How to give him quick relief.


Knee to knee in earnest praying,

None but God to hear or heed,

All our woes and sins confessing,

Let us for each other plead;

By the spirit of our call,

Let us pray for brothers all.


Breast to breast, in sacred casket,

At life’s center let us seal

Every truth to us entrusted,

Nor one holy thing reveal!

What a Mason vows to shield,

Let him die, but never yield.


Hand to back, a brother’s falling,

Look, his burdens are too great.

Stretch the generous hand and hold him

Up before it is too late.

The right arm’s a friendly prop,

Made to hold a brother up.


Cheek to cheek, in timely whisper

When the tempter strives to win,

Urge the brother’s bounden duty,

Show him the approaching sin,

Point to him the deadly snare,

Save him with a brother’s care.


Brother, let us often ponder

What we Masons pledged to do,

When, prepared at yonder altar,

We assumed the Mason’s vow;

Foot and knee, breast, hand and cheek,

Let these oft our duties speak.


Robert Morris