Where No One Goes

Where No One Goes” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

We are a small group of exiles.
The crescent moon hides
just behind the long row of trees
behind the five magic squares.
This is where we live.
It is the coldest place
right on the edge of the forest,
where no one goes.

We may sometimes take a bite of snow,
wanting the charred taste of flesh,
finding only the bite of cold.
Each of our songs is an invitation
for an uncanny entity
so radical and strange,
so distant, so silent,
tightly wrapped in blankets of meaning.

The entity cannot be controlled or manipulated
towards our own ends.
It lies hidden and unexposed
beneath the words and snow and bitter air.
There are no promises,
no guarantees.

Death stalks us, making us whole,
unafraid of the cliffs on either side.
We open like a book,
the book,
and we begin to sing.

We don’t know how it works,
our uncanny magic.
It uses our strange behavior.
Our breath turns to steam,
then ice,
then we plunge like rocks into the depths
where no one goes.

The entity operates in other universes
that we haven’t yet visited,
our knowledge of them comes
from enormous fairy tales that never end.

Beyond the mountains,
in a small valley directly east of our home
we have been told,
there is a bush that burns.
There is nothing behind it.
This is where we go to die.