Freemason’s March

Come, let us, prepare,

We brothers that are

Met together on merry Occasion;

Let us drink, laugh and sing,

Our Wine has a Spring,

‘Tis a Health to an Accepted Mason.

The World is in Pain

Our Secret to gain,

But still let them wonder and gaze on;

Till they’re shewn the Light

They’ll never know the right

Word or sign of an Accepted Mason.

‘Tis This and ’tis That,

They cannot tell what,

Why so many great Men in the Nation

Should Aprons put on,

To make themselves one

With a Free and Accepted Mason.

Great Kings, Dukes, and Lords,

Have laid by their Swords,

This out Myst’ry to put a good Grace on,

And ne’er been asham’d

To hear themselves nam’d

With a Free or an Accepted Mason.

Antiquity’s Pride

We have on our Side,

It makes a Man Just in his Station;

There’s nought but what’s Good

To be understood

By a Free or an Accepted Mason.

Then Joyn Hand in Hand,

T’each other firm stand,

Let’s be merry, and put a bright Face on;

What Mortal can boast

So noble a Toast,

As a Free or an Accepted Mason?

First printed in Watt’s Musical Miscellany, 1730