Magickal Alphabets with François Cartier on May 4th, 2014

Magickal Alphabets: Theory, Knowledge, Use, Practice with François Cartier is an online class on Sun, May 4th, 2014 through Thelesis Aura Academy, and may be of interest.

“They are the DNA of any and all Western magickal systems. Without them, no Western magickal system would be able to function. Yet few of those who aspire to employ the magickal arts really get into understanding them, let alone learn how to employ them properly.

Alphabets are the most effective basis of all recorded Indo-European languages. Some are the foundation of the most powerful magickal systems. Yet few people understand their true power, and many don’t know how to utilize them properly for Magick.

This online training session is all about the many related magickal alphabets: Hebrew, Greek, Latin (French & English too), Paleo-Hebrew, Phoenician, Egyptian, and Runes. The history of alphabet evolution, how to write in those alphabets and, most important, how they should be used for Magick and under what circumstances. François also has a formula for creating one’s own, unique magickal alphabet.”

“This is an intensive online training session and will require active, online participation on the part of the student. Some familiarity with the topic and various alphabets is recommended but not necessary. Handouts will be provided. No textbooks are required but will be recommended for follow-up work.”