Living Myths

Living Myths: How Myth Gives Meaning to Human Experience by J F Bierlein, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

J F Bierlein Living Myths

“As ancient as speech, as essential as law, myths are the stories we tell to find out identity in the cosmos. It is through mythology that we attempt to unravel not only the meaning of our actions and impulses but the significance of human existence itself. Now in Living Myths classical scholar J F Bierlein explores the enduring patterns and messages of myths from every culture.

Myths, writes Bierlein, are ‘the eternal mirror in which we see ourselves.’ Living Myths delves behind the mirror and brings to light the imperishable and transcendent forces common to the myths of the world. Juxtaposing myths of fathers and sons—the Greek myth of Athamas and Phrixus, the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, the Algonquin tale of Grandfather, Father, and Son—Bierlein uncovers essential lessons about human nature and divine will. In the Indian story of Nala and Damayanti, the Greek legends of Aphrodite, and the haunting Irish tale of Etain, Bierlein examines the transforming mystery of romantic love. Here too are tales of the world’s great heroes—the Greek Theseus, the Irish Cuchulain, and the Mexican Quetzalcoatl—and their common desire to break through the masks of appearances.

Steeped in wisdom, brimming with insights into human nature and behavior, Living Myths is a luminous exploration of the meaning of mythology through the ages and today in each of our lives.” — back cover