Maybe The Clouds Make The Stars Shine

Maybe The Clouds Make The Stars Shine” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

The book said:
“The current effort on the part of this author is aimed at
understanding the performance of these large yellow suns.
Dramatic structural changes occur inside of them
through the evolution of large numbers of green stems.
Interest and commitment of time and self are needed
to achieve the unique pleasure that is derived from finding meaning.”

I thought:
The fluttering heart
Was described as the
Call of the chosen.

The book said:
“Every detail is not known of the sequence of discrete changes
that happen when a subjective solar event occurs.
These changes occur instantaneously all over the sun in specific circuits.
The meaning of the subjective event
determines the specifics of the molecular cascades.
The native language of the individual sun
is modulated by nonverbal language elements:
the synchronous oscillations and changes in electrical potentials
that are exchanged between green stems and sun cells.”

I thought:
The book
Was red covered
and contained within it
a single green stem.

The book said:
“Each yellow sun functions as a book.
This book contains at least 13 billion active elements.
It stores trillions of program properties.
Constant and continuous computations are being done giving aim and goal.
The green stem somehow swallows, transforms and creates information and meaning.
This is just part of the life of a thought in the sun,
which continues beyond the reach of green stems
out in the extracellular space.”

I thought:
Maybe the clouds
Make the stars shine
In the golden rays
of a setting sun.