Death Shard II at Portico Gallery on May 17-18th, 2014

Doomtube, a contributor to the video pool, will be screening 15 minutes from a feature film, Death Shard II, at Portico Gallery in London on May 17-18th, 2014, so that might be of interest.

“So this is the second weekend I will be screening 15 minutes of the feature film called Death Shard II. This feature length tale of darkest London and its Occult meaning will be out by the end of the year. What this means is not totally clear yet, but the film is almost complete. It is dense and uneasy viewing but seems to go down well with all audience members who saw it this weekend. I estimate 50 or so people saw it. 50 people sat and watch 15 minutes of it and no one complained. I must be doing something right. Do come see it. It seems to enthrall the people.”