The Sacred Images of Kat Lunoe

You may be interested in checking out the art of Kat Lunoe, newly available in The Sacred Images of Kat Lunoe print series through Thelesis Aura, in both standard and limited editions. You’ve no doubt seen Kat’s “All-Beneficent Ra-Hoor-Khuit” (which was on the cover of Hermetic Library fellow Sam Webster‘s Tantric Thelema and very recently in Knights Templar’s Thelemic Seasonal Holy Day Wall Calendar) but you may want to check out her other work as well.

Kat Lunoe IO The Great God Pan from Thelesis Aura

“At the request of many of our customers, we searched for the right artist whose vision of beauty, detail, color, and most of all magick, was up to our exacting standards. Well, we sought. And it was opened unto us.

Kat Lunoe is a Northern California-based artist who is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the spiritual and occult genre. Classically trained at some of the best art schools in New York and Russia, her style and technique is becoming the talk of both the spiritual and mainstream art world.

Kat creates images that are more than just beautiful pictures. She is highly trained in both the Western and Eastern Mysteries. As a student and initiate of several traditions and orders, Kat is able to embed deep knowledge and symbolism into her work. Sacred geometry, Qabalah, symbolic correspondences–her paintings contain a level of esoteric depth and detail seldom seen in this day and age.

Now, Thelesis Aura is proud to offer the Sacred Images of Kat Lunoe. High quality prints of her fabulous oil paintings priced for any budget, along with investment grade limited edition prints that are sure to become valuable collector’s items in the years ahead.” [via]