Time, Fate & Spider Magic

Time, Fate & Spider Magic: A Brief HIRstory of Time by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, from Avalonia Books, is forthcoming in June, in paperback and a limited hardcover. The limited edition hardcover comes with a DVD “containing edited video of related Metamorphic Ritual Theatre productions and an audio adaptation of the Book of the Spider.”

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule Time, Fate and Spider Magic from Avalonia Books

“From Greek Chronos and Hindu MahaKala to the feminine mysteries of Fate — from the Moirae to the Hoerae — this mythic HirStory (a union of history and herstory) explores the far reaches of time & its warp in the Web of Wyrd.

Whereas Hawking’s Brief History of Time is a scientific apprehension of the subject, this tome follows Time’s spiralling course through art, verse and magic, bringing us to the eternal present then offering ways to carry the ideas presented into the future through personal application & practical ritual frameworks for using web mandalas to map time onto a spatial plane and explore different potentialities of our mutable destiny.

Included is the Arachnean Grimoire ‘The Book of the Spider’ and commentary.” [via]