Abraxas 5 launch party at Treadwell’s on May 30th, 2014

There will be a launch party for Abraxas: Issue 5, from Fulgur, at Treadwell’s in London on May 30th, 2014 from 7pm until 9:30pm. The party is free, but they’ve asked that people contact info@treadwells-london.com to RSVP.

Abraxas issue 5 from Fulgur Esoterica UK

“We will have fascinating people, art, poetry and short talks. This issue has contributors worldwide on surreailsm, the Fellowship of Isis, Platonism, spirit-summoning, David Blank of the famed Oracle Magazine, an occult manuscript, Peladan, Bertiaux, and the wonderful ancient gods Antinous and Glykon.”