Multimedia heresy with a Gnostic edge

Miguel Conner, host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio and author, has started a patronage campaign over on Patreon that you might be interested in.

“Since 2006, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio has been the preeminent (and dangerous) podcast on Gnosticism, the Esoterica & Dionysian Freethought. Now it’s your opportunity to become an active patron. Pledge to continue bringing to you some of the best scholars and mystics in the Kenoma, and let us continue growing one of the most exciting communities of our times. This is what your commitment will bring:

· New podcasts with old favorites and new voices (and of course my pandoric drivel introductions).
· Faster uploading of still over 100 episodes to YouTube, which has been a wonderful platform in reaching distant corners of the world; especially to those who lack financial resources, but are starving for alternative spiritualities. And the truth is that every video based on a past show is a lot of work.
· A return to writing engaging articles on religion/the occult. Gnostic Themes in Fight Club? Why I’m a dualist? Is Noah the movie really Gnostic? I’m ready to get going again on these and more!

Your support has been invaluable throughout the years, and truly appreciated as together we make better art than the creator gods and their slaves in the establishment.”