Hipster Abraxas

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A couple months ago, I had a twitter brainstorm about Hipster Abraxas.

Abraxas: A gnostic deity-form found on certain ancient coins, and referenced in several Gnostic Works. He is generally depicted with the head of a rooster.

Hipster: a subcultural melting pot of indie styles and progressive culture, focusing on the obscure, the original, and possibly the overly trendy and ‘elite’.

Combining these two things seemed incongruous to me, so I did it. And what flowed out on twitter was an exploration of the myth of Abraxas set in a mythic Portland.

I’d like to keep going on the story, and I’d like your help and encouragement to do it. The first chapter is freely available on twitter @HipsterAbraxas. I’ve moved away from that medium due to it’s limitations, and will be posting further chapters both here and at a website to be determined in the future.