Waiting An Eternity

Waiting An Eternity (for The Moon)” is an uncertain track added by black antlers in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

I uncoiled myself, the red serpent
The base, the kingdom, only so recent.
I see the roots of wolves circle around me,
Calling above to the night sky
I have just begun this long journey,
Turning pale, there is no going back.

Bones of horses are scattered here and there,
Worshipping the grace of white stags
They kneel before no soul
Except for the immaculate hare
But all are set on altars, blood sacrifice
With a knife, with a blade, flesh bare

I come to you O’ Empress
For the flames of the Earth are now gone
I recite to you, the songs of Artemis
The moonlit sea and desert
Washing up seahorses, with eyes of pearls
The tears of past wiped away by the stars