Announcing the new Arts and Letters pool

I am announcing the new Arts and Letters pool over on the Hrmtc Underground BBS.

Announcing the Hermetic Library Arts and Letters pool


The Hermetic Library Arts and Letters pool is a participatory place for sharing poetry, prose, and other written works that are inspired by or manifests the Western Esoteric Tradition.

This pool is intended to offer a venue for art and culture that both informs and is informed by esotericism, which will bring the artist and author into the mix. This can be a community space for intentional work from theoretic, practical and cultural perspectives that explores and relates to written work and art about or inspired by esotericism and magick in the form of articles, essays, personal narratives, poetry, fiction, plays, biographies, and more.

Of course, there’s been a category for Arts and Letters on the blog for quite some time, but, until now, there was no formal way to participate in the pool, but by creating this new space on the BBS, it is possible to post submissions, and, like the other Hermetic Library visual, audio and video pools, submissions to this pool may occasionally be featured here on the Hermetic Library blog in the Arts and Letters category.

For this new pool, although it’s already covered in the Terms of Service for the BBS itself, I suppose I should be clear that only one’s own work, work that one has the rights to share, should be added to the new Arts and Letters pool, or, for that matter, any of the participatory pools.

There is no predetermined length, neither minimum nor maximum, for written submissions. However, effort should be made to ensure written work is ‘just so’ for the purpose of the piece, neither overbearingly long nor too cryptically short relative to the subject matter, unless I suppose that is the point. Works of considerable length may be serialized.

Submissions should endeavour to be suitably concise but complete thoughts that are lucid, coherent, consistent, relevant and aesthetic. Obviously creative work has more flexibility in this regard, but in all cases where uncertainty might arise a lucid and informative abstract, or artist statement, will help ensure proper reception of a submission.

There are, of course, a variety of ways you can help support and participate in the work of the library, but now there’s one more! Head on over to the BBS and join the discussions there, including this new Arts and Letters pool.