Lilith’s Garden

Lilith’s Garden by Victor H Anderson, introduction by Anaar, from Acorn Guild Press, is part of the collection at the Reading Room. (Anderson Feri Tradition materials are now from the related Harpy Books imprint.)

Victor H Anderson Lilith's Garden from Acorn Guild Press

“There are many Feri lessons within his poems. Victor was a wealth of lore and historical information, a master magician, and a great rebel. But poetry was his main devotional vehicle. Poetry was his expression of a passion few could understand.

One of Victor’s main concerns regarding his teaching was that his students understand poetry. His students found that he would test them not on their knowledge of poetic form, he did not care if you knew the definition of iambic pentameter. And he would repeat his questioning until he was certain you understood. One could not get far with Victor if one did not understand poetry.

Poetry was a prerequisite in Victor’s world. That is how you come to know the Goddess, and that is how you come to express such a love. As Victor says, ‘Every poem is a love letter to the Goddess.’ Presented here is a symphony of Victor’s great divine love. It is his marriage bed with the Goddess.” — Anaar, from the Introduction