Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition

Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition by Cora Anderson, foreword by Dennis Strand, from Acorn Guild Press, is part of the collection at the Reading Room. (Anderson Feri Tradition materials are now from the related Harpy Books imprint.)

Cora Anderson Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition from Acorn Guild Press

“How does one begin to write about a person you have known for almost thirty years, who has taught you their secret Craft, introduced you to the Goddess, given you their personal style and form of charms and Craft tools, set your feet upon a path that would deliver you from false religious fantasies, and opened the door of spiritual perception? Cora has been my spiritual mother and guide, and through the years has given me a love that in time grew to match my true love, that of Goddess herself.

Her name gives us a clue to her stature, Cora is one of the oldest and most enduring names for the ancient Goddess herself. Since the Goddess is the central figure in Craft theology, possessing one of her names as one’s own is in itself a great honor. However, honor is one thing and living up to that honor is quite another matter. Cora has done both.”

“The Old Craft, as sometimes it is called, has a very dangerous side inherent in its practice. The very forces used are the same ancient ones that set this universe into motion. This major point is too often forgotten, glossed over, never fully realized, or completely realized! Don’t forget the powers of Nature’s creation include dangerous ones too, like death, disease, pestilence, destruction and deterioration. Nature has her pathological side. So without a basic Craft yardstick by which to measure and separate truth from religious fantasy one is lost, dangerously lost.

Spiritual authority in the Craft rest solely upon the ability of the teacher’s art to manifest the Gods, not on a book, notoriety or fame. The authentic Craft teacher will have the distinct talent to put the student into direct contact with the Gods, and as a result create new states of awareness through dreams and visions that open the student to a higher state of himself without the use of drugs or self-denial. Dignity to the self and to sex are held in the highest degree of respect at all times. The student, for the first time in his or her journey, is acquiring that treasured yardstick, which is vital to separating the grain from chaff, truth from illusive spiritual morbidity, dignity from disgrace.” — Dennis Strand, from the Foreword