The Hollow Grounds

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews The Hollow Grounds by Luc Schuiten and Francois Schuiten.

Luc Schuiten Francois Schuiten The Hollow Grounds

This science fiction graphic novel shows a surprising coherence despite having been composed over the course of more than a decade, with the earlier parts devised as free-standing vignettes. It is visually sumptuous, and conceptually surreal. The dream-like quality is affirmed in parallel stories involving the artistic use of fog as a medium for durable sculptures. Meditative themes include gender and creativity, as fields within the larger concern of desire. Tying together the separate plotlets are a race of “flitters,” winged humanoids living in a liminal reality between the planets of the Hollow Grounds star system, and between the stories of the book. The whole thing is very lovely—it can be read quickly, but it deserves to be savored. [via]