The White Wand

The White Wand: Ruminations, Meditations, Reflections toward a Feri Aesthetic by Anaar (April Niino), foreword by Cora Anderson, is part of the collection at the Reading Room. This book has been made available as a free download courtesy of the author.

Anaar The White Wand

“My artistic tradition stems from my religious tradition. THe work I do, and the way it is done is a direct result of my training as a priestess. As children we played a game with string. Holding the string we wove a web between out hands. Like spiders spinning their universe, between our hands fell a web of magic. Mimicking the Star Goddess, we held a web of power. I dive between my partner’s hands to lift this net, forever changing its shape. And she dives into mine, changing it again. Artists, like children are weaver shamans creating a world between their hands.

My process has been described as an exploration of the intersection of Feri and the arts. It is the process of creation, and is central to my intimate connection to God Herself. These meditations come from personal practice; some are a gift from the Goddess, in dream and memory; most are from the teachings of the Grandmaster Victor Anderson.

The ground of this work is the blood source of our Feri ancestors, running in our veins. The expression is our lore, the awesome power of night and day. The source is the sensual ritual of The Star Goddess, manifest in our bodies. The language of Feri is the language of poetry, of art, of ritual. The foundation of this language is our intimate communion with God Herself.

This is a collection of reflections, ruminations, and meditations on the White Wand of the Feri Tradition.”