The Contrarian’s studio was burglarized

Casey Rae-Hunter, who you will probably more readily recognize as Hermetic Library anthology artist The Contrarian, has had his studio burglarized! Casey was thrown for a multiple month spiral, but is now running a crowdfunding effort to get back on his feet, which you may want to support, and is offering a bunch of reward for supporters that may be of interest as well.

“Lux Eterna Records is an art-rock and experimental label based in Washington, DC. It is the music wing ofThe Contrarian Media, a hydra-headed media empire of some repute. Lux Eterna has put out dozens of well-received records over the years, most of which were lovingly assembled at Sounds of the Baskerville Studios in Washington D.C.

Some months ago, Lux HQ was burglarized and the rat bastards made off with a bunch of studio equipment, including our main computer, associated software, microphones and sundry. Since then, we’ve been unable to provide the top-notch musical entertainments for which Lux is known.

This sucks. But you can take a sad song and make it better (na-na-na-na, hey, dudes)!

It Ain’t Even a Lot We’re Asking, I Mean, Jeez

We’re a fat-free, farm-fresh, free-range, friendly-feels enterprise. Your contributions will be used to do what we were put on this planet to do: create quality music and help our artist pals do the same. Look, it’s not like we’re gonna blow our money on frivolities like gourmet cat food and vintage monster figures (though it’s tempting).

More specifically, we are seeking funds to acquire the following:

· A replacement production computer with a few bells and whistles like expanded RAM and an on/off switch (Apple’s got us by the what-have-you)
· Replacement software (lemons-to-lemonade: we were due for a ProTools upgrade anyway, but there’s also a bunch of plug-ins that we lost)
· New microphones (this is the real bummer, but we’ve got an eye on a couple that are inexpensive but still decent)

30,000 Foot View

The rent is too damn high! Nobody makes money from music! The crops have failed and the cattle have gone dry! It’s tough out there for everyone—especially a teensy label/studio that got ripped off by nogoodniks. This is your chance to right a moral wrong and help proudly independent music-makers back on their feet.

We are a small business. Our studio literally takes up less space than some people’s shoe collections. We work really hard on everything we put out. There is no chaff in our enterprise whatsoever. Your investment is proportionally important. Every dollar contributed to this campaign will be used to bring independent art forward.

What Else?

We understand that not everyone is able to fund our work. If you like our music, or even if you don’t like our music but think that what we offer is important anyway, please tell your friends about us (ideally using the Indiegogo sharing tools, to make it easier for them to support us).”