Sasha Chaitow crowdfunding participation at OCCULT in Salem, MA

Sasha Chaitow is crowdfunding to help her participate at the 2014 OCCULT in Salem, MA with an exhibit of her art and a workshop about Joséphin Péladan.

Sasha Chaitow crowdfunding OCCULT 2014

Hi everyone, my name’s Sasha Chaitow, and I’m an artist, writer, and scholar of the crossover of esoteric thought and cultural history. I’ve been painting since 1996, and I hold two MAs in Literature and in Western Esotericism. I have just completed my PhD in Myth and Literature, examining the life and work of the mysterious Joséphin Péladan, a French visionary author who wrote over a hundred books devoted to his cause of inspiring a cultural renaissance through esoterically inspired art.