Cave of delusion

Cave of delusion” is a track added by Kaimanu Telal in the Hermetic Library audio pool.

The smell of overpowering desire
filtered as poison squeezed
with my eyes. Never more.

Breath of dreams goes through
my body, dripping on me,
creating a river of words.
Humanity is flooded,
drop by drop sweet
and intoxicating aroma
of lotus juice. Never more.

It grows in me the desire to learn,
what … Humanity.
Drop by drop down on me,
the scent of lotus flavor. passes
by my every particle,
turning it into a lush wind
colors, words, emotions. Never more.

Sated by the presence of their own emotions,
joy, sadness and all possible
states of the soul.
My venom is condensed in my words.
Perpetually driven fragrance of the lotus.