Vūdū Cartography

Vudu Cartography: The Autobiography of Michael Houdeaux by Michael Bertiaux, the 2010 hardcover from Fulgur Limited, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Michael Bertiaux Vudu Cartography from Fulgur Limited

Vūdū Cartography explores the mysteries of ‘Les Vūdū’ through chants, oracles, séances and a symbolic system of images—all connected by a descriptive narrative which leads us, like a dusty highway, through the shimmering landscape.

Drawn from his rich experiences in Haiti, Bertiaux’s own evocative voudon ‘art brut’ creates a map for those regions of ‘invisible power’, giving the reader strange ingress to the ‘mysteries and hiddenesses of an exotic theology, with its spiritist twists and turns and esoteric spaces.’