Party at the World’s End

Party at the World’s End is book one of Fallen Nation / The Fallen Cycle by James Curcio. This may be confusing because Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End was released in 2011, and there’s another, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning, from back in 2007; the author’s own page says book one will release in 2014, followed by two more books still in production. However, “Party At The World’s End is the conclusion to a project over a decade in development, as well as the first installment of the Fallen Cycle, a series that presently sprawls through a pile of notebooks, sketchbooks, and documents. ” At any rate, there are a number of books involved in this series that may be of interest. You can check out the first chapter over on Scribd, and there are several albums of music and more which are connected to the narrative you can find on Bandcamp.

James Curcio Party at the World's End

Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with the band Babylon,
in the final days of the American Empire.

Party At The World’s End
Lilith has returned. Or so she says.

In her hand is a ticket to a party on the rooftops as the cities burn. This is the story of that party, and the pranksters that tried to outrun reality and got branded terrorists on their psychedelic roadtrip across the highways of the collective unconscious.

We are on the side of man, of life and of the individual. Therefore we are against religion, morality and government. Therefore our name is Lucifer.

We are on the side of freedom, of love, of joy and laughter and divine drunkenness. Therefore our name is Babalon.

Sometimes we move openly, sometimes in silence and in secret. Night and day are one to us, calm and storm, seasons and the cycles of man, all these things are one, for we are at the roots. Supplicant we stand before the Powers of Life and Death, and are heard of these powers and avail. Our way is the secret way, the unknown direction. Ours is the way of the serpent in the underbrush, our knowledge is in the eyes of goats and of women.

—Jack Parsons