Summary for the week ending August 2nd, 2014

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending August 2nd, 2014.



This Unicursal LET THE FLAG OF FREEDOM FLY Poster is another piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII combined with a quote from Aleister Crowley’s A Hymn for the American People from International, Vol XII Iss 3 (March, 1918).


If you enjoy the Hermetic Library site, and any of the blogs, tumblogs and social media related to the library, then please consider supporting the Patreon campaign for the Hermetic Library. Of course, there are a variety of ways you can help support and participate at the library, but adding your voice as a Patron of the ongoing work and expansion of the library will not only be very much appreciated.


There’s less than two weeks left for submissions to Magick, Music and Ritual 10 before the deadline on August 15th, 2014. This will the the one and only Hermetic Library album released this year, so the time to get involved is now. Also, the best way to add anthology releases and this upcoming Hermetic Library album to your personal music collection is through the Patron campaign at Patreon.

I also have announced a call for proposals for artwork and design for the 2014 anthology album, so consider either getting in touch or letting others know, who may be interested in that opportunity.

If you’d like to get a gratis code for Magick, Music and Ritual 10 when it releases, and another gratis download code immediately for any other released anthology, then consider becoming a Patron of the library now, before the anthology is released. That’s two albums of music this year if you act now. If you wait, then you would only get one gratis download code, not both!


Here is a summary of Hermetic Library blog posts:

Reading Room

Anthology Project

Postal Potlatch


Amber by Ivan Mrsic



Arts and Letters

The Palace by Rudyard Kipling

Goods and Services

Guerrilla Theurgy, Videos, Cards, Angels is a crowdfunding effort by Jason Augustus Newcomb
Ultraculture Journal: Essays on Magick, Tantra and the Deconditioning of Consciousness (Volume 1) from Jason Louv, et al.
Afterlife With Archie by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla
Party at the World’s End by James Curcio
Surrealism and the Occult: Occultism and Western Esotericism in the Work and Movement of André Breton by Tessel M Bauduin
Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women by Kate Cooper, from Overlook Press
Lucifer Rising shirt on offer by Jimmy Page
Magic and Masculinity: Ritual Magic and Gender in the Early Modern Era by Frances
The Isis Oracle: Divination Plate and Speaking Stones by Surcadiana
Do What Thou Wilt shirt from 6DollarShirts


Candlelit Evenings at Museum of Witchcraft on first Saturdays through Oct, 2014


This Land Is Mine, an animated video by Nina Paley, to Ernest Gold and Pat Boone’s “The Exodus Song” sung by Andy Williams
July 23rd, 1973 from DMITV with music by Chapel Supremesus
Omnium Gatherum: July 20th, 2014, an irregular hodgepodge of links gathered together …
Christians listening to Stairway to Heaven forwards, a video from clemtinite


Here are some top site pages:

The Body of Light in the Western Esoteric Tradition
The Sepher Yetzirah: The Book of Creation
The Chaldean Oracles
Enochian Pronunciation Guide — Phonetic Guide


Here are some top BBS posts:

What’s missing from the site that should be there?
Any quotes catch your eye from the material on the site?
Notice any typos or other errors on the site?
How should this place be organized?
So this happened then … the new Hrmtc Underground BBS!


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